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Ampli Receiver Yamaha RX V385
Giá : Hết Hàng
Mô tả sản phẩm
+ Yamaha RX V385

Th??ng hi?u : Nh?t / S?n xu?t : Malaysia
B?o hnh 12 thng

??c tnh k? thu?t

Bluetooth thch h?p pht nh?c khng dy

RX - V385 ???c trang b? ch?c n?ng Bluetooth cho php b?n d? dng th??ng th?c nghe nh?c khng dy t? ?i?n tho?i thng minh v cc thi?t b? khc. Compressed Music Enhancer t? Yamaha t?i ?u vi?c truy?n d? li?u Bluetooth ?? m thanh ch?t l??ng, s?ng ??ng h?n

B? c?i thi?n nh?c nn

Khi nh?c ???c m ha thnh ??nh d?ng nn KTS nh? MP3, lc ? ph?i ch?u s? ?p tuy?n t?n s?. B? c?i thi?n nh?c nn c?a Yamaha s? d?ng x? l tn hi?u s? tinh vi, dng cc thu?t ton ??c quy?n ?? khi ph?c l?i nh?ng g ? m?t, v th? m nh?c lun chn th?t

4K Ultra HD Pass-through v?i HDCP 2.2

Amply ???c h? tr? HDMI truy?n t?i tn hi?u hnh ?nh 4K v?i 60 khung hnh m?i giy. Truy?n hnh ?nh 4K (pass-through) ch?t l??ng video ?ng chu?n ?? nt cao 0 suy gi?m trn chu?n k?t n?i HDCP 2.2

C?u hnh Ampli r?i r?c cho ch?t l??ng m thanh cao

 B? thu ny ???c thi?t k? nh?n vo ??t ???c ?? r v? m thanh cao. N s? d?ng c?u hnh ampli r?i r?c v m?ch PLL mo rung th?p, gp ph?n mang l?i m thanh tuy?t v?i.

AV Setup Guide App Makes System Setup Easier

AV Setup Guide is an app that makes it much easier to perform receiver setup, and also assists you with cable connections between the AV receiver and source devices. It guides you through various settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and power amp assignment. System illustrations and actual AV receiver images help you understand how to make the connections between devices, for much quicker system setup. It is available in multiple languages. Designed for iOS and Android tablet

SCENE Kh?i ??ng ch? m?t ci ch?m

 Nh?n nt ngu?n SCENE trn AV Receiver v l?a ch?n ngu?n ??u vo v ch? ?? DSP. B?n c th? thi?t l?p l?i cc nt cho cc ngu?n khc nhau b?ng cch ch?n m?t ngu?n v ch? ?? DSP, sau ? nh?n nt SCENE trong kho?ng h?n ba giy.

T?i ?u ha m thanh YPAO ?? ci ??t loa t? ??ng

 YPAO phn tch m trong phng v ?i?u ch?nh cc thng s? audio khc nhau ?? mang l?i m t?i ?u ch? trong vi pht. Gi?ng nh? c m?t ch??ng trnh ci ??t chuyn nghi?p ?? hi?u ch?nh h? th?ng c?a b?n.

[ Surround Realism ] HD Audio v?i CINEMA DSP

Cng ngh? CINEMA DSP ??c quy?n c?a Yamaha h? tr? pht l?i HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio,..) mang l?i s? hnh ?nh ha m thanh m? r?ng v t? nhin.

Virtual CINEMA FRONT Provides Virtual 5-channel Surround Sound with High Quality and Resolution

Even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, Virtual CINEMA DSP reproduces virtual 5-channel surround sound filled with realism, with only two front speakers. With Virtual CINEMA FRONT, you will enjoy virtual 5-channel surround sound with higher quality and resolution by installing surround speakers at the front. You get more flexibility to arrange your speakers inside the room, along with easy enjoyment of high quality surround sound.

Cung c?p thm Bass Ngay c? v?i loa nh?

Tnh n?ng n?i tr?i khc c?a Yamaha RX-V577 m cc dng s?n ph?m ti?n nhi?m khng c, ? chnh l kh? n?ng t?ng c??ng ti?ng Bass v c?t t?n s? th?p trng l?p c?a SubWoofer ??i v?i Front Speakers, lm cho m tr?m nghe m??t v su, r rng chi ti?t h?n, khng b? n?i tr?i ? t?n s? th?p trng l?p gy kh ch?u cho ng??i nghe.

extra bass

Subwoofer Trim mang l?i hnh ?nh m thanh c?i thi?n

Ki?m sot Subwoofer Trim s? t?ng c??ng t?n s? th?p b?ng cch trnh ch?ng cho v?i ng ra loa tr??c. K?t qu? l s? mang l?i m t?p trung, trong tr?o h?n torng khi v?n cung c?p s? h?i ?p t?n s? li?n m?ch. Khi x?y ra s? ch?ng cho t?n s? loa siu tr?m trong cc h? th?ng thng th??ng, ton b? m thanh s? ???c "??y" h??ng v? loa siu tr?m. Subwoofer Trim s? l?u tm ??n ?i?u ny b?ng cch tch t?n s? loa siu tr?m, sau ? ?n ??nh m?t ti?n sn kh?u trong khi v?n cung c?p m bass c?i thi?n v cn b?ng.

Ch? ?? ECO s? ti?t ki?m tiu th? ?i?n ??n 20%*

Ch? ?? ECO m?i c?a Yamaha s? ti?t ki?m tiu th? ?i?n ??n 20%. C th? ci ??t ? ph?n trn cng c?a menu GUI.
* So snh tiu th? ?i?n khi ch? ?? ECO t?t ( ?o l??ng c?a Yamaha).

Auto Power Down

Auto Power Down cho php b?n ti?t ki?m ?i?n n?ng b?ng cch ch?n t?t ngu?n sau 2, 4, 8 ho?c 12 gi?.

Thng s? k? thu?t:

Phn lo?i:AV Receiver / Receiver ?a knh

C?u hnh: 5.1 knh

Cng su?t: 145W/knh x 5 knh

m thanh: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio

Hnh ?nh: 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma v BT.2020

Khng dy: Bluetooth

Kch th??c: 435 x 161 x 315 mm

Kh?i l??ng: 7,7kg.

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